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Our Goal

To enable you to improve and build on the skills that you bring to our trainings in order to achieve even more success in your career.

 Who We Are 

Our Story

Marina Hahn from Frankfurt/M. and Harold Hartman from Philadelphia founded their company in Frankfurt in 1997: she, a historian and business psychologist - he, with a focus on language and literature. This successful team stands on a strong foundation and still loves what it does today.

Our Clients

We are experienced, reliable, and focused on good results. We enjoy working together with our clients. Our clients come mainly from the following sectors: IT, automotive, law, and finance.

Our Competence

At Hahn & Hartman Kommunikation HHKOM, you have access to over 25 years of training and coaching experience. A correspondingly large range of topics is available to you. In Business English: Legal, Financial, and Social (General) English. In Business Psychology: Leadership, Communication,  Personal Development, and Work Techniques.

Two Areas

Business English 

You want to be able to speak fluently and convincingly in English in meetings, in presentations, and in negotiations virtually or f2f. You want to have confidence in Financial English, Legal English, and Social (General) English. We can do that: all necessary training elements are tailored to you individually.

Business Psychology 

You want to create trust in conversations virtually or f2f, motivate, lead confidently, and integrate different views from different cultures. In critical talks, you want to de-escalate professionally. You want to develop and implement new solutions. You are interested in answers based on business psychology. Welcome aboard.

Trainings & Coachings

The Right Training for Your Needs

In trainings in German or English, virtually or f2f, we enable you to improve and build on your skills in two subject areas: Business English and Business Psychology. In the process we always keep your goals in mind. 

Strengths-based Coachings

Our coachings in Business Psychology in English or German, analogue or online, are oriented to your strengths. This concept is part of positive psychology. The coaching addresses first of all your personal assets, not your deficits. 

Examples of Topics in Business Psychology

Leading Virtual Teams

It is important for you to be able to lead your team also virtually. Dealing with cultural diversity is another challenge. In addition, you want to expand your knowledge regarding trust building and motivation and apply it successfully in your team.

Applying Rhetoric Successfully

It is not a magic trick to convey one's own opinion in a coherent and convincing manner, both rhetorically and professionally. Ideas, arguments, and concerns can be conveyed in a way that motivates others. Emotions should be taken into account. This is the only way to convince.

Giving Feedback Professionally

 “Critical discussion” and “feedback discussion” are not one and the same. Human Resources management clearly distinguishes between the two; however, in the heat of the moment, one can fail to make this distinction.
In the training, we work out which structure makes sense and which communication skills are helpful in Feedback situations.

Your Communication Style

Communication is often not trouble-free. People are different when it comes to needs and preferences. Both can be identified in conversations. We will look during the training at the  BIG FIVE and other psychometric instruments. The focal point during the training is your personality. You can discover even more about yourself in this training//coaching.

Further Topics in Business Psychology

Intercultural Competence USA, Change Management, Preferences Regarding Personality Styles, Conflict Management, Communication, Body Language, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Creativity.

Areas in Business English

Financial English

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All levels.

Legal English

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All levels.

General Social English

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 All levels.


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