Business Psychology

 You can combine these topics in a modular format. 

  • Managing virtual teams successfully.
  • Giving feedback professionally.
  • Resolving conflicts successfully.
  • Intercultural competence USA.
  • Discover your personality and use your full potential.
  • Creativity - Getting things done from a different angle.
  • Applying problem-solving techniques.
  • Understanding different communication styles.
  • Communication 1: Convince competently and purposefully in the daily work routine.
  • Communication 2: Conduct conversations confidently and successfully in everyday work.
  • Communication 3: Dealing with aggressive communication partners - de-escalation. 
  • Conflict management: Achieving meaningful solutions. 
  • Body language.

Business English 

All levels. 

  • Presentations 
  • Negotiations
  • Meetings

Legal English

Financial English

Social (General) English