Our Vision

Our vision is to enable you to improve and build on the skills which you bring to our trainings. This will lead to more competence and more confidence professionally as well as privately. 

Our Mission Statement

Marina Hahn has formulated it simply: “Your assessment that the training was worth it is our goal and the benchmark we measure ourselves by. Feedback from our participants since 1997 has shown that we have succeeded in reaching this goal. We know what we are doing. You can trust us.”

Our Values


Our Methods

Business Psychology f2f: a good mixture of agile methods including conversation, group work, individual work, presentations, role plays, storytelling, case studies, many exercises, exchange of experiences, techniques from systemic consulting, use of psychometric instruments (on request), use of training equipment and a training handout for you.

Our Business Psychology trainings are also conducted in an agile manner virtually. Breakout sessions, whiteboard use, and apps on demand. Everyone is active here.

Our Training Program 

Face to face or virtually, Hahn & Hartman Kommunikation conducts short training units, half-day, and one-day events with up to 12 participants, individual trainings, coachings, and follow-ups for you.  

 Stucture of Our Coachings in Business Psychology

Our coaching process is based on the well-known four/six phases

1. create contact and orientation

2. ascertain situations and goals

3. develop solutions

4. ensure transfer

5. conduct assessment with coaching participant

6. conduct assessment with the client

Methodically our approach in coaching is similar to our approach in trainings: agile. In coachings the techniques from systemic consulting are applied with priority. 

The learning type of the coachee is addressed - visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners. as well as different learning styles - active, reflective, theoretical, and pragmatic. 

The coachee develops solutions independently. In view of our very broad range of topics, we can give specific tips for options if desired.

You can find more topics that can be addressed in a coaching session on our "Home Page" and on "Trainings & Coachings". There are more options.